Camilla Taylor Visit and Mono-serigraph Demo

The semester started off great this year with a visit by artist, Camilla Taylor, who came to our One/One, Unique Print class and showed us her printed sculptures and mono-serigraphs. A mono-serigraph is a unique ( or “just one” ) screenprint that has a very painterly look as compared with the the more graphic effect generally used with screen-printing. Camilla talked about making her  hand silkscreen and sewn sculptures as figures that defy categorization. She creates creatures that are slightly recognizable but also mysterious, that cannot be defined. She  has been using her mono-serigraph technique  to create beautiful portraits of people she knows . The method also offers a mysterious quality to the image and leaves certain parts of the body missing that the viewer automatically fills in however they choose.

The process is, briefly, a screen burned with a flat stencil is painted with many layers of watercolor paint, letting each layer dry in between to form the image. The dry watercolor image is then re-activated when the wet transparent screenprint medium is pulled through the screen transferring the image to the paper. With each pull of the image, the watercolor dissipates and the image becomes fainter and fainter. You can see Camilla and the students at work above on an image. The students had a chance to draw an image on the screen afterwards with watercolor crayon which can be used right away without drying. With respect to the oncoming Hallowe’en season they went with the appropriate zombie theme! For more of Camilla’s work, click here.