Big Ass Steamroller Printmaking Day!


Yesterday we printed so many wonderful woodcuts here at Otis with our visiting artist Sean StarWars! It was a great event to experience since prints are often thought of simply as framed objects on museum walls, when actually they are all around us in everyday life. From books to currency to textiles, prints are everywhere! This gave our students a change to step outside of the confines of tables and walls and challenge themselves with some really large scale images. We had many members of the community come (some repeat artists from our last steamroller event) and a class of grade school students as well, printing little tee shirts en masse!

Sean was on campus for a few days carving his own huge block of characters, doing workshops and spending time with the students and faculty. Check out some pix here and visit our ComArts tumblr page or the Otis Printmaking Lab Facebook page for more!