The Weird Symbols of Hallowe’en…

…combine to make attractive decorations! Or so the Dennison’s Bogie Book tells us. This was one of my favorite books as a child. With it’s lush color cover and well organized activities, it satisfied my fascination with Hallowe’en, fortune-telling party games, and crafty decor all at once. My copy from 1925 is the 13th edition printed by the Dennison Manufacturing Company in Framingham, MA. If you lived in New England, it was a very familiar name in stationary supplies (you might remember Dennison sticker books they made for holidays as well), and they put out several of these books for different holidays a few times a year. The illustrations in this one are fantastic with a full color lithographic cover, and an interior of only black and orange.  They really maximized the screens of gray to get different shades of orange.

I love the categories for parties like “The Business Girl’s Hallowe’en Party”. Nice decorations but a less than inspired menu (fruit cocktail, chicken patties, potato chips, ice cream, “individual cakes” and coffee). But I guess she was busy being a business girl. Another more advanced party’s menu offered brown bread and cream cheese sandwiches (a Puritan favorite ), hot gingerbread and nut bread sandwiches. Although I’m not sure what a stuffed apple salad is.

There are so many wonderful party favors, such Cat Bon Bon, Witch Horn, Autumn Leaf Cricket, Gum Boy, and games that heavily feature the effects of fate, The Cup of Fate, A Ghostly Fate, and Spinning the Web of Fate. Hope you are going to a Hallowe’en party as festive as the ones in this book this year!