The Weird Symbols of Hallowe’en…

…combine to make attractive decorations! Or so the Dennison's Bogie Book tells us. This was one of my favorite books as a child. With it's lush color cover and well organized activities, it satisfied my fascination with Hallowe'en, fortune-telling [more]

Steamroller Printmaking at Golden West College

In case you missed the Otis steamroller printmaking event at Otis last spring or are just craving some more big block printing check this out, Thursday Nov. 6. [more]

Little Friends of Printmaking visit

The Little Friends of Printmaking visited the Comic and Print I class this past week and regaled us with tales of how they started their amazing design and printmaking business. JW and Melissa Buchanan founded their business in Madison, Wisconsin and [more]

Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia article in LA Times

Check out this great feature  in the LA Times on Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia, one of our CommArts printmaking faculty members! [more]

Big Ass Steamroller Printmaking Day!

Yesterday we printed so many wonderful woodcuts here at Otis with our visiting artist Sean StarWars! It was a great event to experience since prints are often thought of simply as framed objects on museum walls, when actually they are all around us [more]

The steamroller comes TODAY to print some Big Ass prints!

Some last minute minute woodcarving with Sean StarWars in my One/One printmaking class this morning in preparation for the Otis Big Ass Steamroller Day ahead! Check out our facebook page for videos and more.   [more]