The steamroller comes TODAY to print some Big Ass prints!

Some last minute minute woodcarving with Sean StarWars in my One/One printmaking class this morning in preparation for the Otis Big Ass Steamroller Day ahead! Check out our facebook page for videos and more.   [more]

Big Ass Prints is Back! Binding Desires Opens!

We are headed for a great couple of weeks here at Otis. The Big Ass Steamroller Printmaking Fest is back just in time for Valentine's Day. And Binding Desire: Unfolding Artists Books exhibition just opened the other night. I'm really excited for [more]

Fall 2013 exhibitions

Whether you live north, south, east, or west, there is lot of printmaking to see at this fall in SoCal. Here are just some of the fall exhibitions/events in the area. It's not a fancy list but I wanted to get it up fast! If you know if anything else- [more]

Camilla Taylor Visit and Mono-serigraph Demo

The semester started off great this year with a visit by artist, Camilla Taylor, who came to our One/One, Unique Print class and showed us her printed sculptures and mono-serigraphs. A mono-serigraph is a unique ( or "just one" ) screenprint that has [more]

Snapshot- end of semester 2013

My students have been burning the midnight oil! Check out the works in progress headed for final projects and senior show.   [more]

“Transverse” by Ching Ching Cheng at ArtMerge Lab

My students and I went to see this show and if you are a lover of items made from books maps, you should see it too before it closes on Feb 28th! These beautiful camera sculptures are crafted from books, and there is a "wallpaper" made of book [more]