Lynd Ward’s “Six Novels in Woodcuts”, one of the first graphic novels!

Of note this week from the NY Times.... "Long before graphic novels earned a dedicated section in bookstores — indeed, before the term “graphic novel” was even coined — the American wood engraver and illustrator Lynd Ward (1905-85) created six [more]

Jon Lee

In a recent trip I had made to Texas, I was able to check in on a few printmakers. The following pictures are of artist Jon Lee, a fellow Tamarind graduate, who teaches at Trinity University in San Antonio.  Jon's work on the Printmaking Department [more]

Shepard Fairey on Rachel Maddow and NPR’s Fresh Air

Here are some updates on Shepard Fairey/Obama poster that I posted about recently. The Fresh Air interviews give a wide scope of the issue and clear up some questions I had such as, who was suing who, and what exactly are the copyright laws after [more]

Shepard Fairey on The Colbert Report

Check it out- Shepard Fairey's poster belongs to all of us...Click on pic to watch. [more]