Super Cool-Screenprints on Ice

Well... not so much in SoCal, but still just in time for winter. File this one under "Darn, I wish I'd thought of that!" In a review by Grace Thorton on Burnaway blog she discusses Eszter Augustine-Sziksz, work Deja 'Vu, "a still from video of [more]

Movie…Gutenberg: The Machine that Made Us

“We’re so used to living with printed matter every day of our lives, from the cereal package in the morning to the book at bedtime, that it might perhaps be rather hard to imagine what the world was like before printing, so we have to come somewhere [more]

June Wayne tells it like it is

Some frank thoughts on paintings, prints, gender politics, and life with the internationally renowned founder of Tamarind Lithographic Workshop, local artist June Wayne. This interview was done by the USC School for Cinematic Arts, and posted to [more]

The Cool School: How Los Angeles learned to Love Modern Art

While you are on spring break relaxing...take in a film! THURSDAY, MARCH 20 MOCA GRAND AVENUE, AHMANSON AUDITORIUM (no, not the Otis College Ahmanson although we wish we had such a cool film here!) 7pm - Free THE COOL SCHOOL: HOW LOS ANGELES [more]

Making a Takach Ball Grained lithograph plate

Margaret White who teaches here at Otis spent some time at Tamarind last summer and visited Takach, makers of printmaking equipment and supplies. She took this great video of them making litho plates. Now we can see exactly why it is called ball [more]

Documentary Film: Four Stones for Kanemitsu

Update: Saw this last night at LACMA and it was terrific. I don't know if the audience was filled with lithographers but you could have heard a pin drop throughout the 45 minutes or so of the entire film. Watching Kanemitsu paint on the stone and [more]