Purely Observational|Everyday Political: Art of and Inspired by Corita Kent

Last fall my students at Otis in the One/One Printmaking class curated work by Corita Kent and made work inspired by her which is now part of this exhibition. More to come on the events coming up, but  for now save the date! The show is held in [more]

Super Cool-Screenprints on Ice

Well... not so much in SoCal, but still just in time for winter. File this one under "Darn, I wish I'd thought of that!" In a review by Grace Thorton on Burnaway blog she discusses Eszter Augustine-Sziksz, work Deja 'Vu, "a still from video of [more]

It Came, It Rolled, We Printed!

Today the steamroller rolled in to Otis for 8 glorious hours of printing of big woodcuts. Only one week into school and our students carved and printed some amazing and ambitious woodcuts thanks to the inspiration from Sean Starwars who was on campus [more]

Otis SteamRoller Printmaking coming in September!

The first ever Otis Steamroller Printmaking event ( a.k.a. Big Ass Prints) is coming this fall! We need volunteers this summer and the day of September 8th to participate  We will bringing a steamroller on campus to help us print some large wood [more]

Royal Wedding Sick Bags Available now!

Had enough with the thousands of chefs putting little grass swans onto tiny quail egg and celery salt appetizers? Tired of the lustful moaning about Kate's wedding pumps depicting "springtime"? One more word about the sidebar chocolate biscuit cake [more]

New Admitted Students Reception

On Saturday, April 16th, Otis welcomed the new students coming in this Fall with an Admitted Students reception. The event held talks and introductions and admits it all, the lab held a screenprinting booth on the lawn where students could choose an [more]