Bearing Witness: Daniel Heyman at LMU, Laband Gallery

This spring brings us lots of food for thought, with the Evolution Revolution exhibition opening soon, and this exhibition by Daniel Heyman, "Bearing Witness", already in progress. This is an incredible show. Learn more about many events you can [more]

Flat Bed Press

I was also able to pay a visit to Austin's  Flatbed Press.  Founded in 1989 by Katherine Brimberry and Mark Smith, The press hosts artists,  printing services, space rentals, exhibits, featured editions and teaches classes--you name it, they do it! [more]

Kiki Smith Talks About the Art of Etching

Since we are starting on drypoint prints this week in Printmaking I, I thought I'd post this link to a video of Kiki Smith at Crown Point Press talking about how intaglio fits in in her work. She frequently works with Crown Point on her prints. Crown [more]

Drypoints in Blood at POVevolving Gallery

Here's something interesting to kick off the fall season. I've seen paintings and screenprints printed in blood but never a drypoint. I'm interested in why this medium was chosen and I plan to head down there and find out. From the POVevolving [more]

Multiples in Marfa: Judd and Arber

I had the good fortune to visit Marfa, TX last week. Marfa is a one-stop light town in the middle of TX, that houses the works of Donald Judd and other site specific installations at the Chinati Foundation. The town is very small, but has friendly [more]

Love your library, new books at Otis

The Otis library recently acquired some new printmaking books... ( well not new, but new to the Otis library) here are some of my favorites. Magical Secrets about Line Etching and Engraving Part of a set of three books in this series from Crown [more]