A Lady Forgot One of Her Monotypes, Partially Lonesome….

I loved this article about 10 year-old Anastasia Rodimina (now the youngest inventor in Russia ousting an 11 year old boy) in Moscow patenting her own printmaking method in Russia. Apparently she left a monoprint on a windowsill partially covered and [more]

The Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies?

A fun site to look at but I have to disagree with these items. Printmakers use them all the time! Along with CS5, archival inkjet transparencies and laser cut woodblocks, we enjoy a classic and perfect tool for the [more]

WallPower: Limitless Prints at The Brand Library Art Galleries

I'll do a  reminder in a few weeks but make sure and save the date for a show I curated with Cathy Weiss at the Brand Library Art Gallery in Glendale, CA. The Brand Library focuses on music and art, and has a beautiful old art deco gallery that [more]

The Anatomy of a Bat a.k.a Chiroptera

  Many years ago I received this wonderful book from my dear friend Hannah Barrett, "Brehms Tierleben, allgemeine Kunde des Tierreichs", by Professor Dr. Otto zur Stratten. Translated by my new dear friend, google, this means "Brehm's [more]

Lynd Ward’s “Six Novels in Woodcuts”, one of the first graphic novels!

Of note this week from the NY Times.... "Long before graphic novels earned a dedicated section in bookstores — indeed, before the term “graphic novel” was even coined — the American wood engraver and illustrator Lynd Ward (1905-85) created six [more]

Movie…Gutenberg: The Machine that Made Us

“We’re so used to living with printed matter every day of our lives, from the cereal package in the morning to the book at bedtime, that it might perhaps be rather hard to imagine what the world was like before printing, so we have to come somewhere [more]