Snapshot- end of semester 2013

My students have been burning the midnight oil! Check out the works in progress headed for final projects and senior show.   [more]

Super Shows this Spring

So many great printmaking shows right now in the LA area! Eric Gill, Icongrapher. Yes, the inventor of Gill Sans, that stylish "font' you see on your computer all the time. I just saw this today and it is terrific. Many prints spiritual and [more]

Otis 2012 Holiday Sale November 28th!

Buy local. Support your fellow artists and get wonderful goodies galore. Don't miss it! [more]

Fall 2012 Printmaking Exhibition and Events

Well it was a slow summer here at the Otis blog-it is safe to say we were "gone fishing"! But it's back in the swing and there are lots of good things going on around town. A few exhibitions are ending soon so check them out now. If I missed [more]

A Lady Forgot One of Her Monotypes, Partially Lonesome….

I loved this article about 10 year-old Anastasia Rodimina (now the youngest inventor in Russia ousting an 11 year old boy) in Moscow patenting her own printmaking method in Russia. Apparently she left a monoprint on a windowsill partially covered and [more]

The Good Exchange: Zines, Prints and More… Make and Swap It!

              The Good Exchange is happening again! Workshops start this week. !!!  it’s new and different this year  !!! The Good Exchange Zine workshop Friday 2/3 12:00 and 3:15 Sign up at ComArts [more]