Super Cool-Screenprints on Ice

Well... not so much in SoCal, but still just in time for winter. File this one under "Darn, I wish I'd thought of that!" In a review by Grace Thorton on Burnaway blog she discusses Eszter Augustine-Sziksz, work Deja 'Vu, "a still from video of [more]

WallPower: Limitless Prints at The Brand Library Art Galleries

I'll do a  reminder in a few weeks but make sure and save the date for a show I curated with Cathy Weiss at the Brand Library Art Gallery in Glendale, CA. The Brand Library focuses on music and art, and has a beautiful old art deco gallery that [more]

CMYK Embroidery

Does it still confuse you?   Lines per inch...frequency...halftone...perhaps converting the problem to embroidery will help simplify the complex process! Check out this post from our friends at [more]

Just for fun ’cause summer’s coming

Here's another kind of multiple to behold. The Almighty Cheez (and I do mean Cheez with a "z") Ball! My friend Stacey and I saw these last night in Rite Aid and were overwhelmed by their beautiful, orange-y allure. Stacey snapped the pic. See more of [more]

Lisa Young artist talk- 4/10/09

Tomorrow! 4/10/09 12:30pm. Ahamanson Building Lisa Young: Artist Statement: A key activity in all my work is collecting, analyzing and repositioning image and text fragments. I act as a visual interpreter, sifting through the image sediment to [more]

Shepard Fairey on Rachel Maddow and NPR’s Fresh Air

Here are some updates on Shepard Fairey/Obama poster that I posted about recently. The Fresh Air interviews give a wide scope of the issue and clear up some questions I had such as, who was suing who, and what exactly are the copyright laws after [more]