Spin and Print party this Thursday 9/27 4-6pm!

We’ll play our favorite albums (yep- old school) while learning to print tee shirts and more on our new tee shirt press. Bring old clothes, tee shirts, and totes to supplement supplied tee shirts. Don’t resort to taking the shirt off your back [more]

A Lady Forgot One of Her Monotypes, Partially Lonesome….

I loved this article about 10 year-old Anastasia Rodimina (now the youngest inventor in Russia ousting an 11 year old boy) in Moscow patenting her own printmaking method in Russia. Apparently she left a monoprint on a windowsill partially covered and [more]

Tote Bag workshop

Check out the results of our Tote Bag workshop last Friday! 2 hours = 2 colors using the quick method of paper stencil silkscreen! Cut out a design from freezer paper or newsprint, tape it to your screen and and print! It's that simple. Our students [more]

The Good Exchange: Zines, Prints and More… Make and Swap It!

              The Good Exchange is happening again! Workshops start this week. !!!  it’s new and different this year  !!! The Good Exchange Zine workshop Friday 2/3 12:00 and 3:15 Sign up at ComArts [more]

Royal Wedding Sick Bags Available now!

Had enough with the thousands of chefs putting little grass swans onto tiny quail egg and celery salt appetizers? Tired of the lustful moaning about Kate's wedding pumps depicting "springtime"? One more word about the sidebar chocolate biscuit cake [more]

New Admitted Students Reception

On Saturday, April 16th, Otis welcomed the new students coming in this Fall with an Admitted Students reception. The event held talks and introductions and admits it all, the lab held a screenprinting booth on the lawn where students could choose an [more]