The Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies?

A fun site to look at but I have to disagree with these items. Printmakers use them all the time! Along with CS5, archival inkjet transparencies and laser cut woodblocks, we enjoy a classic and perfect tool for the [more]

Otis SteamRoller Printmaking coming in September!

The first ever Otis Steamroller Printmaking event ( a.k.a. Big Ass Prints) is coming this fall! We need volunteers this summer and the day of September 8th to participate  We will bringing a steamroller on campus to help us print some large wood [more]

Just in time for Halloween…printing with blood

printing with BLOOD!!!!!!! Learn how in this informative video. [more]

The nine lives of every press….

Okay, well, three so far for this stylish little Laguna press. Linda Dare of the Letterpress Lab donated it to us this summer to take some fo the load off our larger press which gets heavy use. She has some good tales about the woman who donated it [more]

Feedback thanks

Thanks for all the feedback everyone! The Lab schedule is now posted in easier to read format and some links have been fixed. Look for some changes/info soon on the following things. More books and artists we all like to look at (fast faves: Hatch [more]

Making a Takach Ball Grained lithograph plate

Margaret White who teaches here at Otis spent some time at Tamarind last summer and visited Takach, makers of printmaking equipment and supplies. She took this great video of them making litho plates. Now we can see exactly why it is called ball [more]