The Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies?

A fun site to look at but I have to disagree with these items. Printmakers use them all the time! Along with CS5, archival inkjet transparencies and laser cut woodblocks, we enjoy a classic and perfect tool for the [more]

Alex Irvine printing large at home

Alexander Irvine, Otis CE screenprint student, sent over these pics of a project he printed at home. A nice tidy set-up for printing large textiles. See more from Alex here. [more]

Around and about on the east side

A couple of things- Got a very cool little zine - just issue #2 as #1 was out at Skylight books in Los Feliz this week. Called "Do it Yourself Screenprinting" by John Issacson. How to pics and a comic to boot. See And I visited the [more]