Purely Observational|Everyday Political: Art of and Inspired by Corita Kent

Last fall my students at Otis in the One/One Printmaking class curated work by Corita Kent and made work inspired by her which is now part of this exhibition. More to come on the events coming up, but  for now save the date! The show is held in [more]

The Anatomy of a Bat a.k.a Chiroptera

  Many years ago I received this wonderful book from my dear friend Hannah Barrett, "Brehms Tierleben, allgemeine Kunde des Tierreichs", by Professor Dr. Otto zur Stratten. Translated by my new dear friend, google, this means "Brehm's [more]

International Printing Museum in Carson, CA

Grease, ink, and hot metal. Right here in our own backyard is The International Printing Museum. Go! I went recently and we saw the Gutenberg movie- The Machine that Made Us, that I posted about earlier. It was great- could be a dry subject for [more]

Movie…Gutenberg: The Machine that Made Us

“We’re so used to living with printed matter every day of our lives, from the cereal package in the morning to the book at bedtime, that it might perhaps be rather hard to imagine what the world was like before printing, so we have to come somewhere [more]

Wood type for your home

Spotted at Crate and Barrel last week. Beautiful wood type used once again for home decor.... sigh. The ultimate reproduction... [more]

For your inner nerd – Librarything

This isn't related to printmaking REALLY but it is a great thing regardless. Catalog your home library online. If for nothing else, it keeps me from digging for my printmaking books when I need them. I know exactly where they are! And all the covers [more]