Design Delicious: Design for Healthy Eating

              From NOTHING TO HIDE (cruelty free boots constructed with non-traditional textiles) to STRIATIONS (a jewelry cuff inspired by dendrochronology (the scientific method of dating tree rings) to KNOT MINE (an artisan textile woven of re-purposed rayon and cotton) Gianna Ciaramello’s design ethics were speaking loud and clear. As a senior she went a step further and expanded her definition of design to include designing for healthy [more]

Designing for Shipping Container Living

Product Design Students on a Site Visit to a Shipping Container Mall. What are the Unique Opportunities for Designers in this Trend? [more]

BCBG Footwear Vice President, Massimo Bettio Visits Product Design

What do BCBG designers consider when designing women's footwear? How can we think through the process in a creative and sustainable way that makes sense for industry production? Generous thanks to BCBG Footwear Vice President, Massimo and his soft [more]

PD Team Owls: Finalists in New York Festival Torch Awards

Join us in congratulating: Alexandra Felix, Melanie Urquiza and Summer Arrowood for making it to the finals in the Torch Award Competition — an international competition focusing on Human Centered Design. Team Owl will be traveling to New York [more]

Find Your Calling


Bending the Rules

Summer internships for Product Designers are in progress. You can find our students at Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Agron/ Adidas, United Cerebral Palsy and IBM — From San Francisco to Austin to Barcelona, the next generation of product designers are [more]