Design Delicious: Design for Healthy Eating

              From NOTHING TO HIDE (cruelty free boots constructed with non-traditional textiles) to STRIATIONS (a jewelry cuff inspired by dendrochronology (the scientific method of dating tree rings) to KNOT MINE (an artisan textile woven of re-purposed rayon and cotton) Gianna Ciaramello’s design ethics were speaking loud and clear. As [more]

Designing for Shipping Container Living

Product Design Students on a Site Visit to a Shipping Container Mall. What are the Unique Opportunities for Designers in this Trend?

BCBG Footwear Vice President, Massimo Bettio Visits Product Design

What do BCBG designers consider when designing women’s footwear? How can we think through the process in a creative and sustainable way that makes sense for industry production? Generous thanks to BCBG Footwear Vice President, Massimo and his soft goods class lecture!

PD Team Owls: Finalists in New York Festival Torch Awards

Join us in congratulating: Alexandra Felix, Melanie Urquiza and Summer Arrowood for making it to the finals in the Torch Award Competition — an international competition focusing on Human Centered Design. Team Owl will be traveling to New York City to present their ideas, “but they won’t be on their own. Before they head into [more]

Find Your Calling

Bending the Rules

Summer internships for Product Designers are in progress. You can find our students at Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Agron/ Adidas, United Cerebral Palsy and IBM — From San Francisco to Austin to Barcelona, the next generation of product designers are having some serious summer fun. Josh Liam Wallace at Bend Goods in LA.