Design Delicious: Design for Healthy Eating








From NOTHING TO HIDE (cruelty free boots constructed with non-traditional textiles) to STRIATIONS (a jewelry cuff inspired by dendrochronology (the scientific method of dating tree rings) to KNOT MINE (an artisan textile woven of re-purposed rayon and cotton) Gianna Ciaramello’s design ethics were speaking loud and clear. As a senior she went a step further and expanded her definition of design to include designing for healthy eating. A cook since a toddler, Gianna lives a healthy life focused on healthy eating and she saw an opportunity to turn this idea into a business.

“Designing “RABBIT FOOD,”  a vegan cookbook, may not be what immediately comes to mind when you think ‘Product Design’, but I saw this as a natural step of my design development. The Otis Product Design Department is broad and varied and our professors and chairs encourage us to identify, hone and tell our own, unique stories.” says Gianna. “I am so thankful to have chosen a department and a college that support my journey to becoming myself. As a Product Designer, my mission is to design a business with morals and this cookbook is the first step to doing this professionally.” GIANNA’S KICKSTARTER CAN BE FOUND HERE.