Notes to Self: 2/20/14

Notes to Self: 1/ Discovering who I am, how I think and make 2/ Constructing success 3/ Unpacking big goals. 4/ One step at a time. 5/ Being myself 6/ Due 4/24/14: “Look Book” for my Fashion Accessory + Wearable Collection. 7/ I can do this. 8/ This school is completely worth the tuition. — [more]

What is it to be a MAN? : Accessory Design

I’m researching  Carl Jung’s concept of the “Anima and the Animus,”— the female and male components of the unconscious.  It’s informing material choices for my accessory design project:  “What is it to be a Man?” Neoprene, burlap and linen — the interaction of natural fabrics and their plastic opposites. — Gregory, Junior Product Designer Common [more]

Think PINK. Think Barbie. Think Chic furnishings by Product Design Juniors

Photos from the show entitled Barbie’s Housewarming Party, hosted by Santa Monica Place in Santa Monica, CA, last month. Feature work by students from across the College including: Chic interior accents and furnishings by Product Design Juniors.