Creative Economy: Otis Internship Fair

SUCCESS. Product Design students shouldn’t be surprised that attendees at the 2014 Internship Fair are making them offers. Rigorous New Economy Preparation includes: Cloud Based Professional “trackers,” iPad Portfolios filled with Product Narrative and Non-cognitive skill training in areas like: Listening, Gratitude and Heartiness.

How do we Move Through Cities?

How do we move through cities? How are connections made? What are the objects and systems that enable people to freely come and go? — Matt Gagnon, Lecturer, Urban Mobility: The Future of Moving in Cities

What is it to be a MAN? : Accessory Design

I’m researching  Carl Jung’s concept of the “Anima and the Animus,”— the female and male components of the unconscious.  It’s informing material choices for my accessory design project:  “What is it to be a Man?” Neoprene, burlap and linen — the interaction of natural fabrics and their plastic opposites. — Gregory, Junior Product Designer Common [more]