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  1. Cathy Chambers says:

    I’d like to propose an additional element under the Centennial objective (3.2) that provides for the development of our institutional archives.

    Over the weekend I attended the L.A. Archives Bazaar where both Cal Arts & Art Center were represented; I was able to speak with librarians/archivists from both those institutions as well as a representative from UCI where they are launching major archival projects as part of their 50th anniversary celebration.

  2. Sue Maberry says:

    Objective 1.3 is problematic. I think the Objective is really a strategy and implies that we MUST create and adopt NEW learning platforms. Of course we will do that as necessary. I think the objective should be more what strategy A says: Develop and Implement a comprehensive, research-based E-learning plan.

    I really don’t like Strategy B. It implies that necessarily need to change platforms. This is way too specific and MAY grow out of an evaluation/assessment, but also may not. Take out “implement an RFP process.”

  3. Michele Jaquis says:

    The 2011-13 Strategic Bridge Plan mentioned Sustainability several times, yet this plan draft does not explicitly mention it at all. I do not believe our work on this topic is done. The Environmental Steering Committee and Sustainability Minor Faculty will be meeting soon to draft recommendations to rectify this situation.

  4. Sue Maberry says:

    There is only one reference to “technology” and that is in relation to considering new platforms.

    Our overall technology infrastructure needs strengthening BEFORE we are even ready to consider a broader e-learning plan.

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