2013 PALS Summit at Otis and Art Center

From Oct. 2-5, twenty-three PALS Fellows from eighteen art and design institutions across US and Canada, along with the Executive Director of AICAD, converged on the Otis and Art Center campuses to continue our work in the Partnership for Academic Leadership on Sustainability.  As our fourth Summit we spent three and a half days focused on reflecting and learning from the last three years as we move towards the end of our five year commitment, with the goal of continuing our collective work for another five years. For the first time much of the summit was video streamed through Google Hangout and archived on youtube, allowing broader participation for PALS Fellows and colleagues across the US and Canada unable to attend in person. This also provided content that students and faculty can access throughout the year.

PALS 2013 Summit Attendees with their reusable water bottles, showing their east side/west side support.

PALS 2013 Summit Attendees with their reusable water bottles, showing their east side/west side support.

Highlights include the keynote speaker, Ezio Manzini, and presentations from PALS Fellows representing Art Center, Pratt, MICA, RISD, Emily Carr, and CCA. In addition I participated in a panel about Sustainability minors (along with Fellows from Pratt, RISD and MICA), and moderated a panel about partnerships with socially and environmental responsible community organizations and corporations, which included presentations from Otis Chair of Fashion Design, Rose Brantley, Director of Creative Action, Rich Shelton, and Creative Action faculty, Lara Hoad.

In addition to presentations, PALS fellows participated in several working sessions during which we began the planning of a new website/database that would organize and share the data and stories about the sustainability initiatives and projects that are a result of each school’s participation in PALS. We also looked at how we can expand participation across AICAD (including a potential student delegation) and across the range of art, design and liberal studies disciplines taught at all of our schools, in order to provide more professional development for faculty and make a greater impact on student and alumni success.

The Summit culminated in a meeting with Otis key leaders (Sammy Hoi, President, Ed Schoenberg, Special Assistant to the President for Student Success, Dana Lopez, Vice President, Human Resources & Development, and Bill Schaeffer, Vice President, Administrative & Financial Services) at which we presented the draft of our latest yearly report which each Fellow will take home to their respective institutions.

More at www.sustainablepals.org

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