Suatainability Capstone Presentations – part one

This year the first cohort of Sustainability Minors will graduate from Otis and last Thursday half of the seniors gave their Capstone Presentations to their peers and the Sustainability core faculty.

Brad Richardson, Product Design major, argued for the need for more sustainable power sources in his presentation, Fukushima:  Radioactive pollution, the Ring of Fire and You.

Juan Manzo, Product Design major, talked about the importance of diversified agricultural practices in his presentation,  Mesoamerican Agriculture as Sustainable Practice for Modern Agricultural Problems.

Ruby Rios, Toy Design major, discussed how her experience working in Shanghai informed her design practice and career goals in her presentation, Towards a Clean Toy Industry.

Ann Sun, Toy Design major, exposed the strategies of propaganda that have convinced the world to buy disposable water bottles in her presentation, Advertisement & Plastic Water Consumption.

Steve Peraza, Architecture/Landscape/Interiors major, presented his research on Sustainable Architecture:  Biomimicry and Perpetual Motion.

Valerie Wu, Product Design major, spoke about sustainable package design in her presentation, Rethinking the Role of Product Design and Its Effect on Consumption Practices.