Vision LA ’15 Climate Action Arts Festival – online exhibition day eight

Product Design is another department at Otis that challenges all students, whether they are in the Sustainability minor or not, to create work that is both socially and environmentally responsible. Students work in a range of materials, designing everything from decorative and functional objects, furniture, fashion accessories, and consumer products, to the packaging for such items.

Jasmin Druffner, Product Design junior minoring in Sustainability, has been focussing on this throughout all her projects, beginning with her Garden on Wheels, first developed in Elektra Grant’s Human Ecology class.



Jasmin’s Post-Apocolyptic Boot can be both worn and eaten.

portfolio_jdruffner3_Page_02 portfolio_jdruffner3_Page_03 portfolio_jdruffner3_Page_04 portfolio_jdruffner3_Page_05 portfolio_jdruffner3_Page_06


Another Product Design student, Jiyoon Lee, redesigned the packaging for a Trader Joe’s box of tissues in order to make it more sustainable and effective.jlee_thymetosneeze_Page_2 jlee_thymetosneeze_Page_3 jlee_thymetosneeze_Page_4 jlee_thymetosneeze_Page_5 jlee_thymetosneeze_Page_6 jlee_thymetosneeze_Page_7 jlee_thymetosneeze_Page_8


This post is a part of the Otis online Exhibition for Vision LA ’15 Climate Action Arts Festival.