UpCycle Day 2014

Come to the courtyard to join us for a free materials grab!  It's called UpCycle Day!  There's no telling what you may find!  In previous years, we've had power tools, fabric, wood, drawing paper, portfolio cases, plastics, paint, and electronics! [more]

To Separate or Not to Separate…

Although Otis' recyclables get sorted out of the trash at Athens, many of us still have the good habit of separating everything anyway. [more]

Duchamp says Re-Cycle

Took this photo while visiting the Walker Art Museum in Minneapolis this summer and kept meaning to share it with everyone. [more]

Resource Exchange

For the past month I've been moving my studio and home and therefore cleaning house. Here are some of the things I've recently donated to the Resource Exchange: plywood, MDF, 2x4's, hardware, wax, threaded rod, thin wire, balsa wood, scale people [more]

upcycling for the holidays

You won't be able to miss the Otis College Student Holiday Sale Dec. 7th and 8th! Decorations will include trees and wreaths made from Astro Turf discovered in the Otis Resource Exchange. 2010 Otis College Student Holiday Sale Tuesday and [more]

Otis Resource Exchange (Rx) Reopens

Yep, it's back! The Otis Resource Exchange, begun Spring 2009 by Nicole White as her thesis project, is up and running again. Under the supervision of Andrew Armstrong, Director of Technical Support Services (y'all know him, right?), the Rx is now [more]