Jorge A. Olave Riveros

Jorge Olave





Jorge A. Olave Riveros was born in Temuco, Chile in 1973. He is a sound and visual artist who has studied the sciences, visual anthropology, and electroacoustic composition. His sound work is situated in aesthetic cartography and principally is centered in orality and memory of Wallmapu (the Mapuche territory located in the Southern Cone of America stretching from the Limari River in the north to the Chilean archipelago in south, from the shore of the Pacific Ocean through Patagonia). He has created compilations around the songs and mythologies of the Mapuche, and soundscapes and various exhibition experiences and interventions around the intercultural relationship between eye and ear. In his recent work, he employs sound in order to refer to the border, territoriality, and anti-colonialism.

For Talking to Action, he is working with researcher Paulina Varas and artists Gonzalo Cueto and Cristian Wenuvil on the project Interzone.