Community-based Art and Institutional Cultural Spaces

While in Quito, lead curator Bill Kelley, Jr. conducted interviews with artists and cultural promoters. He asked: What is the most urgent challenge in supporting community based art practices operating between community and institutional cultural spaces? 

Nelson Cesar Ullauri Velasco is an independent cultural organizer and promoter based in Quito. He is affiliated with the Red Cultural del Sur, a group concerned with the conditions of culture within urban spaces and bonded by the conviction of the need for participatory urban planning that would lead to an improvement of the quality of life with sustainable development.

Paola de la Vega Velastegui  is Director of Fundación Gescultura and PhD candidate in Latin American Cultural Studies at the Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar, Quito, Ecuador. Fundación Gescultura is an independent and interdisciplinary non-profit organization dedicated to research and cultural promotion in Quito.

Martín Samuel Tituaña Lema is General Coordinator of Red Cultural del Sur and founding member of Tranvía Cero, a contemporary art collective whose processes concern the production and circulation of artistic expressions and the contextual use of public space from the standpoint of interrelating and connecting with a community. One of the collective’s current projects is Encuentro de Arte y Comunidad: al zur-ich, which proposes artistic insertion and integration into the urban sphere of the city of Quito.