Paulina Varas

Paulina Varas

Project Researcher, Talking to Action

Independent researcher and curator

Paulina Varas is a researcher and independent curator. She received her Bachelor of Arts from the Universidad de Playa Ancha and is a doctoral candidate in the History and Theory of Art at the Universidad de Barcelona. She is coordinator of CRAC Valparaíso, a collaborative non-profit research platform that works in the city of Valparaíso. With artist residencies, research action, and critical pedagogies and radical architecture, CRAC proposes a critical entanglement with the public sphere, the city and the territory as a network of connections and associations of social experiments. Since 2007, she has been a member of the Red Conceptualismos del Sur where she has participated in a number of publications, public presentations, support operations and working groups in Chile, Spain, Argentina, Peru, among others. She has written on contemporary Chilean and Latin American art in various international journals and publications such as: Brumaria, ArteContexto, LatinArt, PLUS, ArteyCritica, ERRATA, etc. She has authored or co-authored the books: Muntadas en Latinoamérica (Caldas, 2009); “Catalina Parra. El fanstasma político del arte”, (Santiago de Chile 2011); Revisión/Remisión de la historiografía de las artes visuales chilenas contemporáneas (Santiago de Chile, 2011); “Mario Navarro. Sale el sol por la derecha y se esconde por la izquierda” (Santiago de Chile 2013) and “Guillermo Deisler. Archivo, textos e imágenes en acción” (Santiago de Chile 2013). Amongst her curatorial projects, she has notably curated or co-curated Cierto tipo de poética política, (Valparaíso 2008); Subversive Practices, Art under conditions of political repression, 60s-80s South America-Europe, (Stuttgart, 2009); Valparaíso: Intervenciones, (Valparaíso 2010); “Una acción hecha por otro es una obra de la Luz Donoso” (Santiago 2011; “Artist for Democracy: el archivo de Cecilia Vicuña” (Santiago 2014). She has participated in projects of archive reactivation: CADA (Colectivo Acciones De Arte); Guillermo Deisler; Luz Donoso y la Bienal Internacional de Arte de Valparaíso.

Community-based practice and the art world?