Mattel Sponsored Vehicle Class

Mattel Sponsored Vehicle Class   The Toy Design Department partnered with with Mattel to conduct a sponsored class that focused on the vehicle category. The class started with Mattel designers who served as mentors to help guide the students through the design challenge in designing a new line of toys that fits within one of the three vehicle brands, Disney Cars, Matchbox or their Blue Sky Vehicle Team. Each student was then tasked to initially start with 12 toy concepts that fit [more]

Otis Toy Design Senior Show 2015

Otis Toy Design Senior Show 2015   r annual Senior Show was a hug hit! This year we had 21 amazing seniors showcasing an outstanding body of work that they  accumulated over the last three years! Everything from beautiful doll designs to edgy action figures, unique activity toys and amazing game designs! If you have any questions about Otis Toy Department and or the Senior Show just give us a ring at 310-665-6985   [more]

Toy Fair 2015 Highlights

Toy Fair 0pened its doors this February to thousands of registered global play professionals to explore a record-breaking 422,000+ net square feet of exhibit space filled with hundreds of thousands of toys, games and youth entertainment [more]

Toy Design Foundation Forward Day of Play Event

  The Toy Design Department had a fun filled day directly after  the Foundation Forward event at CalMart.   Razor USA generously provided their full line of amazing scooters to test ride and enjoy, including  the Rip Rider 360 and the [more]

Toy Industry Association Launches Industry-Wide ‘Genius of Play’ Campaign

The Toy Industry Association is excited to share a new industry-wide campaign aimed at raising awareness among parents and caregivers about the critical role that toys and play have in a child’s development. Follow the link below to view video's [more]

Hollywood helps make Southern California the Center of the Toy Universe

By Jordan England-Nelson, Daily Breeze Manufacturers are bringing animators, marketers and toy designers together to produce new fictional universes optimized for commercialization and ready for global broadcast over the Internet. Modern toy [more]

Stacey McBride-Irby – The One World Doll Project Presentation

Stacey McBride-Irby recently visited Otis Toy Design department and presented her multicultural doll line. Follow the link to check out all the details in regards to Stacy's The One World Doll Project.   [more]

David Horvath speaking about Ugly Dolls

This semester our Toy Design Department had a visit from David Horvath, creator of the famous Ugly Doll brand. He told the students how it all began and was introduced in 2001. David and co-creator Sun-Min-Kim were art students together and were [more]

Where are they Now?

Howard Hyejun Sung, Toy Design graduate of 2011 has been working since his graduation as a Designer for LEGO in Denmark. Last summer he stopped by the Toy Design office when he came back to LA, and he visited with the Summer of Art Toy design class. [more]

College students- How is majoring in Toy Design like studying to be a Brain Surgeon?

Much like Toy design, it is a specialized field of practice, but if you are having brain surgery, do you want a doctor that is a general practitioner or someone trained in that specific area of medicine?  Choosing a major is often a difficult task [more]