College students- How is majoring in Toy Design like studying to be a Brain Surgeon?

Much like Toy design, it is a specialized field of practice, but if you are having brain surgery, do you want a doctor that is a general practitioner or someone trained in that specific area of medicine?  Choosing a major is often a difficult task for many college students.  Then there is the fun of surprising your parents with your decision.  Parents may gasp when they learn their son or daughter has decided to major in Toy Design.  If they are concerned that it is too “specialized” one could argue that the same thing could be said if the choice was brain surgery.  In the 21st century, with so much competition in the job market, employers are looking for graduates with specific knowledge rather than general education.  Otis is one of only 2 colleges in the nation that has a Bachelor degree in Toy design.  There are millions of new toys designed and produced each year in a multi-billion dollar industry. The Toy Design department at Otis has been supplying toy companies all over the world with talented innovative graduates for the past 15 years, and is known as the place to go to find talent!  So parents can be happy that they only have to pay for 4 years of college, whereas it takes many more arduous years to become a brain surgeon!