Mattel Sponsored Vehicle Class

Mattel Sponsored Vehicle Class


The Toy Design Department partnered with with Mattel to conduct a sponsored class that focused on the vehicle category.

The class started with Mattel designers who served as mentors to help guide the students through the design challenge in designing a new line of toys that fits within one of the three vehicle brands, Disney Cars, Matchbox or their Blue Sky Vehicle Team.

Each student was then tasked to initially start with 12 toy concepts that fit within each of the three brands and this was then reviewed by the toy department and the Mattel design mentors.

Through the 12-week class the concepts were narrowed down to the strongest concept and the one that the student showed the most passion for. Each week 2-4 Mattel mentors either from their design team or their marketing team participated in a crit to help the students refine and develop their concepts.

By the end of the 12 weeks each student had a digital presentation that showcased their concept in the same manner in which Mattel employees present their concepts during concepts reviews. The students also had to have a looks like or works like model that best represented their idea.

The top 5 students that best captured the design intention and concept that Mattel was looking for was selected to present again at Mattel’s corporate building in their main presentation rooms. This offered a fantastic and rare opportunity for the students to present at their corporate headquarters to the Mattel design, marketing and upper-management teams.

After the final presentation the top three finalists were then picked and awarded prize money for their hard work!