ACT Alumni Teaching at Local Museums

Several ACT Alumni are teaching at various museums throughout LA and here are two upcoming workshops… This Sunday May 4th from 9am-3pm, Marissa Magdalena Sykes (’08) will be teaching a free workshop for teachers at the Getty: Create + Connect Workshop: Heaven and Earth: The Art of Byzantium. Teachers “will learn about Byzantine art and culture; and how it related to the Greek and Roman world” while participating in discussions and “hands-on activities related to artworks and themes from the Getty’s collection.” Mosaic Icon with the Virgin and Child, about A.D. 1275–1300 Mosaic Icon with the Virgin and Child, about A.D. 1275–1300, made in Constantinople; from Trigleia Bithynia, Asia Minor; glass paste, gold, and silver. Courtesy of the Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens. (source)   Kaitlynn Redell, Alternate (2), 2011Kaitlynn Redell, Alternate (2), 2011, cut laser print, 17″x11″ (source)

While on Sunday June 1 from 1-5pm, Kaitlynn Redell (’09) will be teaching a paper cutting workshop at the Craft and Folk Art Museum.