Alumna Lori Choi Blog from UCLA 2014-2015

9B284D66-0FD2-4B6F-9F2F-44BCC30C4DB9Alumna Lori Choi (13’) began her Master of Architecture graduate studies at UCLA Architecture & Urban Design (A.UD) in fall 2014.

Lori’s experience in her first year at UCLA is described (by Lori) and shown below.




My experience at UCLA has been great so far! Upon acceptance I was awarded a fellowship to cover in-state registration fees and full-tuition. I was also offered Advanced Placement (into the second of three years) but made the decision to begin in the first year to take advantage of UCLA’s great first year core studios and reboot at graduate level, after having worked in offices for a year.

My fall quarter studio project, “Arches in Matrix,” was selected by my instructor, Associate Professor Jason Payne, for A.UD’s Best of Currents exhibit, and my winter quarter studio project, “Transformative Performances,” was also selected by my instructor, Lecturer Narineh Mirzaeian, for A.UD’s Best of Currents.

After spring quarter, at A.UD’s end of the year show RUMBLE, I was awarded The Robert Webster Scholarship ($4,000.00) for the most outstanding quality of work in the first year class, as well as The Dr. Hyman Eugene Oxman & Frieda Dreyer Oxman Fellowship, which is awarded to a graduate student in the School of Arts and Architecture with financial need and academic potential.



left top: Lori Choi presenting Arches in Matrix at UCLA A.UD
left bottom: Lori’s fall quarter project, Arches in Matrix
right top and middle: Lori’s winter quarter project, Transformative Performances
right bottom: Lori Choi presenting Transformative Performances, to A.UD Professor and Vice Chair Neil Denari (gesturing in foreground) and other jurors

See more images of Lori and her projects in the Gallery, below.