Alumnus Qasem Baouni Professional Success

Alumni-News_Qasem-Baouni_F15Architecture/Landscape/Interiors alumnus Qasem Baouni (’06) received a Master of Architecture degree and has been working professionally as well as teaching since graduating from Otis.





Qasem described his experience after graduation as follows.

Immediately after graduating from Otis, I began pursuing a Master of Architecture degree at UCLA’s Department of Architecture & Urban Planning. I was voted class representative by my classmates and received a department fellowship in my first year, and I graduated in 2009.

After receiving the M.Arch, I started working at Malibu Home Boutique, a residential design firm, where I designed custom kitchens, furniture, and small additions. I also became an Architecture Technician & Teaching Assistant for advanced, second-year architecture studios in Pasadena City College’s (PCC) Architecture Program. I also taught Visual Communications at PCC from fall 2012 to spring 2015. In addition, I have been teaching Digital Media II-A: Digital Translations (AutoCad) since fall 2011 in the Architecture/Landscape/Interiors Department at the Otis College of Art and Design, where I am now a Senior Lecturer.

While at PCC I advised several students on their winning competition entries, including Gabriella Colmenares (2nd Place, 2011 AIA|LA 2×8 Competition); Paul Tuason (2nd Place, 2012 AIA|LA 2×8 Competition); Sevana Alexander and Wana Boghozian (Honorable Mention, 2013 ACSA Fabric in Architecture Competition); and Luke Ravanelle, Myint Tun, and Arvin Tanu (Honorable Mention, 2014 AIA|LA 2×8 Competition).

In 2011 I began working at DSH || Architecture, an office where I interned while studying at Otis. At DSH, I design and manage projects throughout the construction and permitting process, as well as coordinate drawings for the office. I have spent most of my time working on the following award-winning DSH projects thus far: Para Los Niños Family Center, Los Angeles (2013 Spark Awards Finalist); Larchmont Charter, Lafayette Park (2014 Spark Awards Finalist); Villa Tangente, Jinhai China (Honorable Mention, Re-Thinking The Future, 2014).

Congratulations Qasem!

top left: Qasem Baouni
top right: Para Los Niños Family Center, design by DSH || Architecture, photographed by fotoworks
bottom: Allure Resort, award-winning project by Qasem’s students Sevana Alexander and Wana Boghozian, rendering by Sevana Alexander and Wana Boghozian