Ike Bahadourian’s Professional Success

Alumni-News_Ike-Bahadourian_April-2016Architecture/Landscape/Interiors alumnus Ike Bahadourian (’09) has been designing interiors and furniture since graduation!

Ike described his experience after graduation as follows.

I graduated in 2009, right into a recession, which was a blessing in a way, because it forced us to widen the range of things we would do. I spent the following two years learning kitchen and bath design while running a design department at a restoration company. I also designed a line of furniture (www.2131Collection.com), and worked on a number of home remodels.

I then spent some time working at Studio MAI, which became a turning point for me. I fell in love with multi-disciplinary work and the idea of an end-to-end experience.

Recently I have been working with a branding team called November Press on Pita Pita, in which we created a space that expressed the restaurant’s identity. I designed the interiors, as well as custom teak fixtures and furniture for both the interior and exterior patio. We’ve completed two locations thus far and plan to open more, so my hope and plan are to make the relationship between branding and the spaces more and more seamless and natural. I’m excited about this potential!

Congratulations Ike!

clockwise from upper right
Ike Bahadourian
Pita Pita patio, interior seating, and service area with custom teak furniture, all designed by Ike

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