Joem Sanez Professional Success

Architecture/Landscape/Interiors alumnus Joem Elias Sanez (’10) is now a Designer at Foster + Partners in New York City!





Joem described his experience after graduating from Otis as follows.

“After graduating from Otis I focused on preparing for graduate school applications (GREs, math pre-requisites, portfolios, etc.) while collaborating part-time with three studios: Obermeyer Architects, where I designed custom furniture and hardware for residential projects; Roger Sherman Architecture and Urban Design, where I worked on the firm’s installation for the 2010 Venice Biennale; and Smog Studio with Per-Johan Dahl where I worked on a master plan for Högänas, Sweden. After submitting seven grad school applications in January 2011, I went back to work full-time at Griffin Enright Architects with Margaret Griffin, one of my mentors at Otis who was the first to hire me as an intern in 2008 right after she directed me and my classmates in Studio 2: Landscape.

I began Master of Architecture I studies at Columbia University, New York in fall 2011. During my studies I was awarded and completed a one-year paid Architectural Traineeship with Herzog & de Meuron in Basel, Switzerland. This traineeship is available only to current students and must be completed during the course of study.
During my year as a trainee at Herzog & de Meuron in Basel, I worked with an 8-person team for the early concept phase of Roman Abramovic’s FC Chelsea Stadium expansion, a 30-person team for the new Skolkovo campus in Moscow, and a 4-person team for a Harborfront Masterplan competition for which our client was Prince Albert of Monaco. The variety of scale, program, and phases of these projects with high-profile clients and on accelerated delivery gave me an opportunity to quickly build working relationships and establish myself as a dependable team member.

 As a result of my contributions in Basel, I was hired as an architectural assistant in Herzog & de Meuron’s New York office and resumed my graduate studies at Columbia in fall of 2014. I worked in the NY office intermittently during my last three semesters at Columbia and full-time in summer 2015 and 2016. As an integral member of their 8-person satellite team, I gained new insight into construction administration while working with clients to integrate extensive design changes into large-scale residential projects such as 56 Leonard Street and 160 Leroy Street Residences and overseeing the fabrication of interior fittings for the adaptive reuse of the Park Avenue Armory.

 I was asked to return to Basel as a P4 Junior Architect last September 2016 but, after discussing it extensively with my boss, colleagues, friends, and family, I decided to stay in New York for at least a year and use my OPT  – the 12 months of work post-graduation available to F1-Visa students. Returning to Basel remains a high possibility in the future.

I spent last summer working on a competition with Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates before securing a full-time position with Foster + Partners in New York City. I really enjoy the variety and resources of a global network so I wanted to stick with big international offices. I had been in contact with Foster + Partners since June, and had my final of many interviews in November. There are about 40 of us in the New York office at the Hearst Tower, which is one of the larger field offices outside of Foster + Partners’ headquarters in London. I am still the new guy but I’m on an awesome team with really good people. I’m working on 50 Hudson Yards and so far it’s been a thrill. I’m just really excited to work!”

Congratulations Joem!
Check out a flip-thru video of “Double Jointed,” Joem’s final-semester Master of Architecture Studio Monograph HERE


clockwise from upper left

two pages from “Double Jointed,” Joem’s final-semester Master of Architecture Studio Monograph
Joem at the Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina, during his final semester studio class trip, led by LOT-EK
Joem in front of Herzog & de Meuron’s satellite office in Soho, New York
Joem and his Otis classmate Hakan Tung, after they cut the final piece of Unistrut for their Class of 2010 Installation, Landscape Extrusion
Joem and his family at his graduation from Otis
Joem (crouching in the center) with with his fellow architectural trainees in Herzog & de Meuron’s wood shop in Basel
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