Alumni Jivar Afshar and Golnaz Noroozi began graduate studies

Jivar Afshar (’11) began graduate studies for a Master of Science in Civil Engineering at California State University, Los Angeles in winter 2015.   Golnaz Noroozi (’14) began graduate studies for a Master of Interior Architecture at California State Polytechnic University Pomona in spring 2016. Congratulations Jivar and Golnaz! IMAGES left: Jivar Afshar right: Golnaz [more]

Alumna Dami Kims BLOG from PennDesign

Alumna Dami Kim (13’) is in her final year of Master of Architecture graduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania, PennDesign! Dami described her experience after graduation as follows.       I arrived at UPenn in June 2013, right after graduating from Otis, to fulfill several prerequisite courses before fall semester. My first semester [more]

Alumnus Alex Kangs Professional Success

Architecture/Landscape/Interiors alumnus Alex Kang (’06) earned a Master of Architecture degree and has been working professionally since graduation! Alex described his experience after graduating from Otis as follows.       After graduating from Otis in 2006, I worked as an Assistant Project Manager at Satoh Brothers, a private design/build firm, to gain on-site construction [more]

Alumnus Rodrigo Carmonas Professional Success

Architecture/Landscape/Interiors (A/L/I) alumnus Rodrigo Carmona (’14) was awarded a 2015 eVolo Architecture Magazine’ Editor’s Choice Award (as the “most innovative” skyscraper) for his A/L/I Studio 6 project “The Oculus,” and recently began working at Gensler, Los Angeles, as an Architectural Designer!       Rodrigo’s project “ ‘The Oculus: Regenerating Life Through a Vertical Topology’ [more]

Alumna Shengting Chiens Professional Success

Architecture/Landscape/Interiors alumna Shengting Chien (’12) has been working professionally prior to and after graduating from Otis. Shengting has worked for Perkins+Will, Hirsch Bedner Assoicates, and is currently an Associate Designer at Wilson Associates, where she is working on a high-end resort in Morocco, North Africa. Shengting Chien was born and raised in Taiwan. She first [more]

Alumnus Gary Garcias Professional Success

Architecture/Landscape/Interiors alumnus Gary Garcia (’08) received a Master of Landscape Architecture degree and has been working professionally since graduating from Otis. Gary described his experience after graduation as follows.     “Otis’ multi-disciplinary Architecture/Landscape/Interiors program fueled me to challenge the conventional notions of the “private and public” spaces we inhabit and to continuously and aggressively [more]