Progress Report 1 on the Class of 2015 Installation

SShw15_ProgressReport1_SchematicDesign_Blog2015 Architecture/Landscape/Interiors graduating seniors (Rex Crafts, Diana Gonong, Shadi Hashemi, Suna Jaen, Merve Onur, Ju Sung Park, Cyntha Soto, Izzy Savage, and Nyann Swain-Welborn) are designing a spatial environment that they will fabricate and install on the 5th floor of Ahmanson Hall, on OTIS’ Elaine and Bram Goldsmith Campus.



Currently, A/L/I seniors are working in teams on two design proposals (FLOCK and VOID) that survived the Schematic Design 1 Review on January 27.
The final Schematic Design presentation will be on February 10, 5:00-6:30 pm, Ahmanson Hall 507.

February 3, 2015
Schematic Design 2 Progress Review and Discussion
top left: FLOCK
top right: VOID
middle left, left to right: FLOCK team members Rex Crafts, Cynthia Soto (facing away from the camera), and Shadi Hashemi
middle right, left to right: VOID team members Nyann Swain-Welborn, Izzy Savage, and Suna Jaen
bottom left, left to right: foundation-student “helper” Yao Ge (in the back row); seniors Cynthia Soto (facing away from the camera) and Suna Jaen; foundation-student “helper” Justin Choi (orange T-shirt, in the back row); seniors Izzy Savage (in foreground), Rex Crafts (in the back row), Ju Sung Park (standing), Nyann Swain-Welborn, and Diana Gonong
bottom right, left to right: seniors Diana Gonong and Merve Onur (seated), Chair Linda Pollari (“Design Director” for the installation), and Senior Lecturer Peter Vogel (“Contractor” for the installation) demonstrating bending and tilting an acrylic sheet for use in VOID