Darien Noguchi and Raymond Tran won 1st Place in the Fall 2015 Charrette

Architecture_Landscape_Interiors_Fall15_CharetteArchitecture/Landscape/Interiors (A/L/I) Seniors Darien Noguchi’s and Raymond Tran’s project CRESCENT won 1st Place in the A/L/I Fall 2015 Charrette Competition!

Each semester, A/L/I students participate in a charrette, which is a design project completed within a limited amount of time and no prior knowledge of the requirements. Solutions must be presented “by hand,” with no use of computers.

On October 26, 2015, all current A/L/I students, in teams of two or three, spent five hours conceiving, negotiating, drawing, and building models in order to communicate their design solutions for “The Juice Kitchen – A Cold-Pressed Juicery” to be located in a strip-mall at the intersection of Melrose and Cahuenga, in Los Angeles. Students were required to maintain the structural integrity of the existing roof and exterior soffit, which is shared with the other tenants of the strip-mall.

Students were asked to consider the following.
“What is the urban presence of this place?” “How can a tenant stand-out in a nondescript strip mall?” “How does one capitalize on the limited foot traffic while also garnering more attention from the automobile traffic?” – Felicia Martin (A/L/I Lecturer and ßauthor of the charette program)

A jury of A/L/I instructors reviewed the (blind) entries and chose four finalist teams. Finalists verbally presented their projects to the jury, after which the jury publicly deliberated and determined 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place, and one Honorable Mention. Besides CRESCENT, entries included Peeled, Revolution, Origami, Juiced, Crave, and others.

In the 1st Place project, CRESCENT, Darien and Raymond proposed a “fluid transition from the exterior into the interior” with a new element that fit into the existing awning. They relocated the entry to create exterior seating and brought sunlight into the interior with a large skylight.

October 26, 2015
Architecture/Landscape/Interiors Fall 2015 Charrette
top left, left to right: A/L/I seniors Darien Noguchi and Raymond Tran presenting their 1st Place project, CRESCENT
top right, left to right: A/L/I seniors Michelle Tiet and Tamara Suprobo Putri presenting their 2nd Place project, PEELED, to the jury (Felicia Martin, Chava Danielson, David Reddy, and Gregory Van Grunsven)
middle left, left to right: A/L/I seniors Ghadeer Alburaiki, Tim Jordan and Paulina Benavides presenting their 3rd Place project, JUICE-OLOGY
middle right, left to right: A/L/I senior Amarilis Altamirano Diaz, Mobility (visiting) student Mor Alkosser, and senior Zhixin Rong presenting their Honorable Mention project, STRIPE
bottom left: A/L/I seniors working on their entries
bottom right, left to right: A/L/I juniors Tanner Geertsen (from behind), Adel Aleali, Ibrahim Ghulam, Michael Chen, and Sarah Ng working on their entries