Seniors Midterm Juries

Studio-5_Fall-2015_Mid-termsArchitecture/Landscape/Interiors (A/L/I) Seniors presented their Studio 5: Public/UrbanArchitecture projects at midterm juries.






A/L/I seniors Ghadeer Alburaiki, Amarillis Altamirano, Paulina Benavides, Rubi Cardoso, Nayung Chang, Levina Djajadi, Ryan English, Amanda Hirsch, Jacob Hoffman, Tommy Hu, Timothy Jordan, Harim Kim, Yelin Lee, Khadijah Miralam, Darien Noguchi, Mina Park, Zhixin Rong, Teobista Seifu, Tamara Suprobo Putri, Michelle Tiet, Raymond Tran, and Kelvin Tseng presented their urban infill projects at midterm juries.

A/L/I seniors worked in two sections, directed by Chava Danielson (Architect; Principal, DSH // architecture; A/L/I Adjunct Professor) and Matias Creimer (Architect; A/L/I Senior Lecturer).

Chava asked her students to “study historic precedents from the E-street wall to the Modernist notion of the object in a field, and consider contemporary responses of screening, layering and blurring of boundaries between public and private.” Matias asked his students to “design an institutional building with a strong emphasis on program, function and the mechanics of moving people in, out and within a building through the persuasive powers of architecture.”

Chava’s jury consisted of John Frane (Architect; Principal, HGA Architects and Engineers; Lecturer, USC School of Architecture), Jason Kerwin (Architect; Principal Partner, OKB; Lecturer, USC School of Architecture) and Lisa Little (Architect; Principal, Vertebrae Architecture; Lecturer, USC School of Architecture).

Matias’ jury consisted of Michael Knopoff (Architect; Principal, Montalba Architects), Steffen A. Leisner (Architect; Founder/Principal, syntax), Andrew Ratzsch (Architect; Principal, Ratzsch Architects); and Michael Walden (Architect; Design Director, Leo A. Daly).
Studio 5: Public/UrbanArchitecture Midterm Juries
Matias Creimer’s Jury, October 23, 2015
top left: juror Steffen A. Leisner commenting on Ghadeer Alburaiki’s project (standing, left to right)
middle left: juror Michael Walden commenting on Khadijah MIralam’s project (standing, right to left)
bottom left: Nayung Chang (standing) presenting her project to jurors Steffen A. Leisner, Andrew Ratzsch, and Michael Knopoff (left to right, from behind)

Chava Danielson’s Jury, October 21, 2015
top right: Zhixin Rong (standing) presenting her project to jurors Lisa Little,Jason Kerwin, and John Frane (seated, left to right)
middle right: juror John Frane (standing) reviewing Tommy Hu’s and Jacob Hoffman’s projects (standing, left to right)
bottom right: Timothy Jordan presenting his project to the jury