Students presented their Donghia Master Class projects

Architecture-Landscape-Interiors-2016_Progress-Report-1_Schematic-DesignOn March 23, 2016, students presented their Donghia Master Class projects to a jury consisting of: Benjamin Ball, Principal, Ball-Nogues Studio; Frank Clementi, Partner, Rios Clementi Hale Studios; Chava Danielson, Principal, DSH \\ architecture; Mojdeh Memarzadeh, Principal, Design Cycles; Ed Ogosta, Principal, Ed Ogosta Architecture; Lillian Pfaff, Architectural Historian; Nick Seierup, Design Director, Perkins + Will, Los Angeles.


BERNARD KHOURY, the 2015-2016 Donghia Designer-in-Residence, led fifteen Architecture/Landscape/Interiors juniors and seniors in a one-week project, “WHEN THE FUTURE LOOKED BRIGHT WE DIDN’T WEAR SHADES,” between March 17 and 22, 2016.

Donghia students Erim Ayhan, Paulina Benavides, Levina Djajadi, Adam Harris, Maegan Iamjan, Yelin Lee, Amanda Hirsch, Khadijah Miralam, Sarah Ng, Darien Noguchi, Tommy Peng, Tamara Suprobo Putri, Michelle Tiet, Raymond Tran, and Kelvin Tseng each presented an intervention in, or on, one of remaining edifices of the Tripoli (Lebanon) International Fair.

Donghia Master Class Jury, March 23, 2016
clockwise, from upper left
1. view of senior Raymond Tran’s project, “Exhibition Beach,” located on top of the Pavillons et Stands
2. Donghia students and Bernard Khoury digitally presenting the research and projects
3. Bernard Khoury (in foreground, from behind), Donghia jurors and students (standing, left to right) Kelvin Tseng, Adam Harris, Amanda Hirsch, Erim Ayhan, Tamara Suprobo Putri, Darien Noguchi, Levina Djajadi, Yelin Lee, Michelle Tiet, and Khadijah Miralam
4. (left to right in the front row) Donghia jurorsFrank Clementi, Nick Seierup, Ed Ogosta, Chava Danielson, and Mojdeh Memarzadeh, with Donghia Designer-in-Residence Bernard Khoury
5. Bernard Khoury, facing the jurors, with students (standing, left to right) Maegan Iamjan, Paulina Benavides, Raymond Tran, and Sarah Ng

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