Alumni reunited at Bernard Khoury’s Lecture/Reception

Donghia--Reception-Alums_1516_Bernard-KhouryArchitecture/Landscape/Interiors alumni reunited at Donghia Designer-in-Residence BERNARD KHOURY’s lecture and reception at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, on March 16, 2016.





Several of Architecture/Landscape/Interiors’ twelve, thus far, Donghia Senior Student Scholarship Award winners were present including Diana Gonong (’15), Thomas Acosta (’14), Sam Tanis (’11), and current senior, Raymond Tran.

Alumni at Donghia Designer-in-Residence Lecture/Reception, March 16, 2016 at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

top left, back row left to right: Sandra Sadauskaite (’14), Golnaz Noroozi (’14), Rodrigo Carmona (’14), Thomas Acosta (’14), Chair Linda Pollari, Sam Tanis (’11), Stefanie Cheng (’12), Lecturer Bernard Khoury, and Rex Crafts (’15)
top left, front row left to right: Erfan Zamani (’14), Rodrigo Zayas (’13), ShengTing Chien (’12), Merve Onur (’15), and Diana Gonong (’15)
top right, left to right: Stefanie Cheng (’12), Lecturer Bernard Khoury, Merve Onur (’15), Rex Crafts (’15), and Diana Gonong (’15)

middle left, left to right: Rodrigo Carmona (’14), Lecturer Bernard Khoury, Golnaz Noroozi (’14), and Sandra Sadauskaite (’14)
middle right, left to right: ShengTing Chien (’12), Lecturer Bernard Khoury, and Merve Onur (’15)

bottom left, left to right: Rodrigo Zayas (’13) and Erfan Zamani (’14) (Thomas Acosta, behind Erfan)
bottom right, left to right: Golnaz Noroozi (’14), Rodrigo Carmona (’14), Merve Onur (’15), and Rex Crafts (’15)
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