Adjunct Professor Chava Danielson project was featured by DWELL

Chava Danielson's project,Adjunct Professor and Principal of DSH | architecture Chava Danielson’s project, “Larchmont Charter High School,” was featured by DWELL!






“Larchmont Charter High School” was featured in the May 2015 issue of Dwell Magazine.

DSH’s Principals Chava Danielson and Eric Haas presented the project at “Dwell on Design LA” on Saturday, May 30, 2015.

KCRW’s “Design & Architecture” interviewed Chava about the project in August 2014.

Congratulations Chava!


left, top and bottom: “Larchmont Charter High School” by DSH || architecture
right, top: Chava Danielson speaking at “Dwell on Design LA,” May 2015 (shown left to right: Eric Haas, Chava Danielson, Leo Marmol, and Diana Budds)
right, bottom: Chava Danielson, Architecture/Landscape/Interiors Adjunct Professor and Principal of DSH || architecture