FALL 2013 Midterm JURIES

ALI_Studio 6 Final Jury_ Spring 2013

OTIS Architecture/Landscape/Interiors (A/L/I) is pleased to announce its schedule of FALL 2013 Midterm JURIES.

A/L/I students will present their projects to a group of architects, designers and faculty.

All juries are public. You are invited to attend for any portion of the scheduled days/times. See below.

STUDIO 5: Public/Urban Architecture
Wednesday, October 16, 1300-1800, Ahmanson Hall 507, 9045 Lincoln
Students were asked to design a flagship facility for Mobile Entrepreneurs, on Main Street in Santa Monica. Mobile E is a nonprofit dedicated to breaking down spatial and cultural barriers by providing education and economic opportunity to disadvantaged young people from all parts of the city.

Studio Instructor
David Reddy     Architect, Principal, R&D Architects; Senior Lecturer, OTIS A/L/I
Coleman Griffith     Architect; Architecture Department Head, Pasadena City College
Michael Hricak     Architect, Principal, Michael Hricak Architects; Adjunct Associate Professor, USC
Krystyan Keck     Architect, Principal, BUREAU OF ARCHITECTURAL AFFAIRS
Whitney Sander     Architect, Principal, Sander Architects

STUDIO 3: Interior/Display/Exchange
Monday, October 21, 0900-1300, Ahmanson Hall 507, 9045 Lincoln
For the first project of the semester, Choreographed Figure, students were asked to design a temporary living environment for transient inhabitants.

Studio Instructor
Matthew Gillis    Principal, G I L L I S; Senior Lecturer, OTIS A/L/Is
Chava Danielson     Architect; Principal, DSH; Senior Lecturer, Otis A/L/I
Felicia Martin     Designer, CO Architects; Yale M.Arch (09), OTIS A/L/I B.F.A. (02)
Shannon Starkey     Architect; PhD Candidate, UCLA; Lecturer, OTIS A/L/I
Hraztan Zeitlian     Architect, Design Principal, S  T  R  U  E  R  E

STUDIO 6: Building/Landscape FINAL JURY, April 24, 2013
left: Lori Choi presenting to the jury including Claus Freyinger, Matias Creimer, Frank Clementi, Colman Griffith, Gustavo Leclerc and Gary Garcia (seated, left to right)
right: Molly Hubley presenting to the jury