Alumnus Jesus Aguilar BLOG from Chicago, No. 1

Jesus-Aguilar_UIC_Blog-1Architecture/Landscape/Interiors alumnus Jesus Aguilar (’08) moved to Chicago in August and began Master of Architecture graduate studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago (with advanced standing).





“Within a few days of arriving in Chicago, I began the introductory ‘platforms’ session at UIC’s School of Architecture, in which we are reviewing a variety of digital programs, while exploring the idea of  the ‘vague, but precise silhouette.’ Between classes at UIC and exploring Chicago, it has been hard to stay home!” – Jesus Aguilar

top left: Jesus Aguilar (in gray shirt, facing the camera) presenting some of his “platforms” work
top right: The John Hancock Center, photographed by Jesus
bottom left: Chicago “El” tracks , photographed by Jesus
bottom right: Jesus Aguilar on the streets of Chicago, August 2014