2013-2014 Donghia Master Class

Donghia2014_JuryOn March 19, 2014, Donghia students presented their collaborative one-week Master Class projects to a jury composed of: Benjamin Ball, Principal, Ball-Nogues Studio; Chava Danielson, A/L/I Adjunct Professor/Principal, DSH //architecture; Mark Mack, Professor, UCLA Architecture & Urban Design/Principal, Mack Architects; Ed Ogosta, Principal, Ed Ogosta Architecture; and Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter, Associate Dean, Woodbury University School of Architecture/Principal, WROAD.

Joep van Lieshout, 2013-2014 Donghia Designer-in-Residence, in collaboration with Caroline Prisse, directed fourteen Architecture/Landscape/Interiors students in a one-week, collaborative project in which they (as four teams) reconfigured the Tetterode Glass Studio in Amsterdam for a self-sustaining live-work community of the future, with its own industrial production and resources of energy, food, etc.

All components and representations of the projects were produced between March 13 and 19 by Donghia students Thomas Acosta, Rodrigo Carmona, Dianna Gonong, Molly Hubley, Suna Jaen, Golnaz Noroozi, Merve Onur, Jusung Park, Sandra Sadauskaite, Izzy Savage, Jihae Shin, Julia Sieh, Ruishi Wang and Nyann Swain-Welborn.

The Donghia Designer-in-Residency and Master Class at Otis College of Art and Design are made possible by a generous donation from the Angelo Donghia Foundation.

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Donghia Master Class Jury
top left, standing, from left to right: Donghia students Julia Sieh, Thomas Acosta, Molly Hubley, Golnaz Noroozi, Merve Onur, Diana Gonong, Jusung Park, Ruishu Wang, Nyann Swain-Welborn, Izzy Savage, Sandra Sadauskaite and Suna Jaen
top right: Joep van Lieshout and Caroline Prisse
middle left, standing, from left to right: Thomas Acosta and Julia Sieh presenting to the jury (from behind, Mark Mack and Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter)
middle right, standing, from left to right: Ruishu Wang, Jusung Park (behind Ruishu) and Diana Gonong presenting to the jury, Caroline Prisse and Joep van Lieshout (in foreground)
bottom left, standing, from left to right: Rodrigo Carmona, Suna Jaen and Jihae Shin presenting to the jury (left to right, from behind), Joep van Lieshout, Mark Mack, Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter and Benjamin Ball
bottom right, standing, from left to right: Golnaz Noroozi, Sandra Sadauskaite, Izzy SavageĀ  and Nyann Swain-Welborn presenting their project to the jury