2013 Alumni Lori Choi, Hideyo Kameda, Steven Katz and Theresa Lee, one year after graduation

2014Alums_OneYearLater.1Lori Choi  will begin Master of Architecture Professional Degree studies at UCLA Architecture and Urban Design with Advanced Standing (starting in the second year of the three-year program) this fall, 2014.

Hideyo Kameda works as a Designer with artist Miri Chais at MIRI CHAIS | STUDIO.
At the studio I work closely with the artist and I help conceptualize, design, and fabricate the projects. I regularly model projects in 3d and then go through digital prototyping methods such as CNC milling and laser cutting to put the projects together. I also do some basic electrical work, wiring up projects with LEDs and simple programming to sequence the LED lights. It’s a very conceptual and creative working environment, and a great place to put to use what I learned about 3d modeling and digital prototyping. – Hideyo Kameda

Steven Katz is a Designer at GRIFFIN ENRIGHT ARCHITECTS.
The Los Angeles-based firm of Griffin Enright Architects fuses interests in innovation and experimentation with a desire to explore cultural complexities relative to the built environment. The firm’s versatile practice includes projects ranging from large-scale commercial and residential commissions to furniture design and gallery installations, at both the local and international levels.

Theresa Lee is a Designer at ROTTET STUDIO Architecture and Design.
Rottet Studio is an international architecture and design firm with an extensive portfolio of corporate and hospitality projects for the world’s leading companies and brands. Rottet Studio is consistently ranked among the corporate and hospitality Top 100 Design Giants by Interior Design magazine and was recently recognized as one of the Top 3 Most Admired Design Firms in the World. The WBE-certified firm boasts more than 40 million square feet of built design and a vast array of award-winning projects and furniture designs.

Theresa interned at ROTTET STUDIO through Architecture/Landscape/Interiors’ Internship Course prior to gaining full-time employment.

top left: Theresa Lee at work, at ROTTET STUDIO
top right: Lori Choi at work, at R&D Architects (where she worked prior to graduate school)
bottom left: Steven Katz at work, at Griffin Enright Architects
bottom right: Hideyo Kameda at work, at MIRI CHAIS | STUDIO