2016 Summer of Art


Alumnus Jesus Aguilar (08) directed four students-ranging in age from 16 to 18-in Architecture/Landscape/Interiors’ 2016 Summer of Art studio.





Between July 6th and 29th, 2016 Summer of Art students Clark Piers, Veronica Franzen, Dillon Tyme, and Senna Zhang learned to draft and construct physical models, after which they each designed a building with landscape.


Architecture/Landscape/Interiors 2016 Summer of Art
July 6-29, 2016

top left: students, their families, and guests enjoying the Summer of Art Exhibit on July 29th, with Veronica Franzen facing the camera

top right, left to right: Dillon Tyme and Veronica Franzen working on their models
middle left: Clark Piers (standing) at the Summer of Art Exhibit

middle right: Clark Piers working on his model

bottom left: Senna Zhang’s model on display at the Summer of Art Exhibit
bottom right: Senna Zhang working on her model

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