Alumni received graduate degrees in spring 2016!

Alum-News_M.Arch-Grads-Sp16Architecture/Landscape/Interiors is pleased to announce that alumni Jesus Aguilar (’08), Dami Kim (’13), Joem Elias Sañez (’10), and MaiHoua Vang (’10) received graduate degrees in spring 2016!





Jesus Aguilar received a Master of Architecture from the School of Architecture (SoA) at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).
While at UIC, Jesus served as the Art Director for “Fresh Meat,” SoA’s student-produced journal. His studio projects were selected for the Portfolio Day Exhibition and Year End Show in spring 2015. Jesus was awarded a Board of Trustees Tuition Waiver for fall 2015 and spring 2016, as well as a TA position in spring 2016. Jesus earned his Master of Architecture degree after only two years of study through our department’s Advanced-Standing Agreement with SoA-UIC. Jesus also directed eleven students in Architecture/Landscape/Interiors’ studio course in Otis’ “Summer of Art” 2015, and is returning to teach in “Summer of Art” 2016 as well.

Dami Kim received a Master of Architecture from The School of Design, University of Pennsylvania.
Dami spent her first summer vacation working with her first semester professor Michael Loverich, his partner Antonio Torres, and several other students on a design-build project, an amphitheater named “Buru Buru,” in Lake Forest, IL. In fall 2015, Dami’s studio received travel funds from PennDesign and the city government of Antalya, Turkey, to support travel to to Antalya. In exchange for the funding, Dami and her classmates designed a wall for the Antalya Art Biennale, which was 3D-printed and installed by the city.

Joem Elias Sañez received a Master of Architecture from Columbia University, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. After his third semester at Columbia, Joem was one of 20 candidates, worldwide, selected for a year–long traineeship at Herzog & de Meuron in Basel, Switzerland after which he was hired as a designer for their field office in New York. In addition to being recruited as a studio mentor at Columbia, Joem’s final-semester studio monograph, “Double Jointed,” was selected for publication in “Abstract”-the school’s annual publication of selected student work-and exhibited in the school’s graduation show.

MaiHoua Vang received a Master of Architecture from Cal Poly Pomona, Department of Architecture.
In fall quarter 2015, MaiHoua worked with an interdisciplinary team of students in the Bobby Brooks Memorial Interdisciplinary Design Studio. Their team proposed a design intervention, “Liberated Ground,” that would unbind Terminal Island from what they saw as inappropriate land use. The team received the Bobby Brooks First Place Prize for their project.

clockwise from upper left
Dami Kim (second from the left) and her classmates at their graduation from The University of Pennsylvania
Joem Elias Sañez and his father at Joem’s graduation from Columbia University
Jesus Aguilar and his partner at Jesus’ graduation from the University of Illinois at Chicago
MaiHoua Vang and her sister at MaiHoua’s graduation from Cal Poly Pomona

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